Ditital Technologies (DTI) mad a digital test phone that emulated a 2616 tel set. This unit was used to identify analog telephones with a recorded number and then call you back. I think they went out of business, so I was wondering if anyone else knows of another product that does the same thing.


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Yep. We've got one of those (no it's not for sale) but I couldn't find one with a quick google. How about:

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Might do what you need.


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Sam Nash

Sam, Sam, what are we going to do with you. It took you a matter of minutes to come up with a product?...that if it works - reading back the PBX DN, will result in your post being one of the most referred to in years, and this company will have 10 times the volume for this box over the next few weeks.

Heck, I've heard of Proctor - they've been around forever. I am also the lucky owner of the DTI Test Phones - in continuouse use for 7 or so years. I'd buy one of these just to admire it.

You really are the first ever

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Try a query with the word proctor and nortel or meridian - results are lousy - what words did you use?, or were you aware of the product aleady?

Proctor is gonna get a lot of calls

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The Proctor Centra-line device (I have one) will do number ID, call-back, and several other functions, but it requires a PRI circuit for the ID, and an analog station line for the call-back. It's not quite the same as what I have heard that the DTI device is.

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