pc-to-pc voip: unsuccessful so far

I have been testing, as a newbie, some voip applications/providers. First, Skype on both Linux and Windows, and everything was working fine most of the time. Then I have been trying the SIP applications. Me and a friend of mine (in two different european locations, both with DSL) have registered first both with sipphone.com and then both on babble.net, using X-lite on both sides, or X-lite and Kphone, or Kphone and the babble software. And in all cases, although we were able to establish a phone connection, the voice quality was not enough good to have a conversation (we could hear some vocal sounds, but nothing else). In the case of babble it is pretty strange, as I am able to make phone call through it (using X-lite or Kphone, DSL or even an analog modem) to normal telephones. But I have never succeeded in making pc-to-pc calls. Can anybody suggest me how to solve this strange thing, or at least how to go in the right direction to solve it?

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Mark Smith
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Mark Smith wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@individual.net:

Do you or the receiving party have a router (i.e. Linksys router?). If so, you'll need to open some ports up to allow for incoming connections.

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Lucas Tam

99% sure not (100% sure on my side of the connection)
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Mark Smith

Start with a simple test using an ethernet without the Internet. A

cross-over cable, or a small hub/switch will do. Ignore SIP

registration, and just call to the phone number at the other IP

address (on your same subnet).

For example:

- First PC running softphone at extension 100 on IP

- Second PC running softphone at extension 101 on IP

- First PC calls sip:101@

- Second PC should "ring"; then you answer, talk, hang-up

- Second PC calls sip:100@

- First PC should "ring"; then you answer, talk, hang-up

Once you get the above running, then try fancy stuff like routing

across the internet. At least then you will know you have a base

level of function (and how good or bad your audio sounds :-).



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