Any opinions about xLink BT? [telecom]

The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is a device that connects your cell phones to the wired phones (including cordless base stations) in your home.

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Julian Thomas
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I've been using the Xlink BT for several years now and before that a device with a similar purpose a "CellSocket." CellSocket went out of business in part I believe because it required a "dock" that was only compatible with a limited set of devices. Using BlueTooth solved that problem.

As for the Xlink BT I've found that it works well provided you take certain actions with it. I've found that to get the best results with the device you need to have your cellphone right up against the Xlink unit otherwise the reception on the regular phone can get staticky. Also, the Xlink BT does provide caller ID but identifies calls on the display only with the calling number and the 'name' says Xlink BT. I was never able to find out whether this is a setup problem or if that's just the way you have to settle for caller ID using the device.

Another interesting thing is that if you go beyond the BlueTooth range the unit will disconnect, but when it gets close enough to the Xlink unit will automatically re-connect though as I said earlier in my response unless you have your cellphone near the Xlink unit conversations can sound staticky. Bottom line is that it does work well if placed properly near your cellphone. Another 'quirk' of the unit is when you receive an incoming call your cellphone has the regular ring, but incoming ring on regular lines is "shorter" than regular telco company ring (to my ears about as short as ringing on a PBX.)

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