New to the Group and need some help (Tellabs 4003)

Hello everyone,

I just joined this group. I've searched the archives and didn't find anything that would help me out.

I work in communications for a Power Co. We have been using Tellabs

4003C's as a loopback for our 4W SCADA circuits. Well Tellabs has stopped making these units (probably some time ago) and I've been trying to find a suitable replacement for them. So far I've come up empty. Does anyone out there use anything (or know of anything) that mounts in a Type 10 shelf or enclosure that could be used as a replacement?

I've searched Wescom and XEL and haven't found anything there. Seems everyone has gone totally digital. Some power co.'s like to stick with "what works" until it can't be used anymore. If you've got anything please let me know.

As a side note: It was nice to read some of the archives and take a trip down memory lane. I ran across some old post about levels (-16 /

+7) that really brought back memories...too cool!
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Just to let you know, you're not being ignored. I have several WESCOM?WESTEL?CHARLES INDUSTIRES cards, but the term sets are straignt

443 family.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

Ahhh the 4003Cs...used them quite a bit at Gulf States Util/Entergy in SCADA and other telecom ckts.....In fact, I am the one responsible for the 4003C-3 model...the loopback level in the C3 is settable to 0db instead of 9db! Had to pay a 250 dollar engineering fee (just to have them change a fixed resistor!)....but then we used the C3s like mad.... Yes, analog cards are just about gone...while working at a broadcasting company, we tried to have a stereo pair put in from a club to the studios.. SBC took over a week to get just one side set up boss, the chief engineer, looked at me and jokingly said "wanna show them how to set it up?" The techs involved knew NOTHING on how to set the 4008s up for the right levels....once they got one side done, they were able to get the other channel 3 days...and still have it out of phase in stereo! (I fixed that later by rolling T.R on one pair)...the SBC tech said they did no analog anymore on is the only thing they use now...

I dont think Pulsecom makes anything close fact I dont recall anyone making anything close to the 4003 at all..with the settable LB freq and timeout feature, you could use the 4003 in almost any 4w analog....unlike the fixed LB freq of 2713 in their other products (and throw the telco LB in at the same time ;)..wonder what the Telcos use now? Pulsecom and others dont do analog either IIRC.

Chris WB5ITT GSU/Entergy telecom


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Tellabs has pretty much gotten out of selling analog 400 type NCTE & non NCTE station packages. You might do better by looking at the used equipment market.

Westell SDS-5496LN (Formerly Teltrend) is used to typically terminate 4 &

2 Wire analog voice band data channels. The LN version supports FAA type voce grade channels (Hand off is 0.0/0.0 TLP, as well as the default + 13.0/-3.0 TLP).

The 5496 also supports four programable in-band loopback codes. NORANTEL made a knock off of the 5496LN back in 2002, but I do not know if it was ever deployed by any of the LEC's.

Regarding wide wand alanog channels. Program Audio channles used for 5,

7.5-8.0, and 15KHz Mono/15KHz Stereo circuits are becoming more difficult to support with each passing year. Commercial broadcasters have found it easier to order a DS1 Private Line between the service points, and connect CSU/DSU CODECS instead of waiting for a Telco program line.

Pulsecom makes a single 400 type station package (CODEC) that will terminate a 1B or 2B ISDL line, and support 5 through 15KHz audio, depending on how many B channels are suppported over a T1 carrier system.

The Pulsecom unit, Progam Audio Channel Unit (PCAU) was initially deployed by Verizon East in the former NYNEX area in 2002, and replaced a more expensive two card unit from XEL, as well as hard to find legacy WECo & Coastcom D4 PG Audio channel units. But the PCAU does not come cheap, about $1500.00 each end.

The Pulscom PCAU can operate with almost any U-BRITE channel unit (Ideally witha an Adtran U-BRITE V) when a U-BRITE is optioned for Leased Line (IDSL) operation, and 1B or 2B T1 bandwidth. Two PCAU's can operate over a non-loaded (Dry) cable pair Without an interconnecting D4 carrier system with up to 40dB of insertion loss @ 40KHz.

As mainstream transport technologies lean more and more to digital devices, nich analog users such as power companies, traffic light control operators, and odd ball specialty providers will find themselves with limited options in a digital world.


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