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I am trying to set up line redirection on a Norstar system and have a question.

I have set "allow redirection" to "Yes" - I go to the station and hit "Feature 84" - I'm prompted to "Select Line Out" and I hit one of the two line out buttons on the phone.

I am then prompted to "Enter Digits" - I enter the phone number that I want to redirect to. Here's where I'm stuck. Eventually it will say "Feature Timeout" - is there another step that I'm missing? Do I need to say "OK"?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Yes - You also need to select the line you wish to redirect. See your System Coordinator guide that comes with the system - it covers this in detail.

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Nortec in MN
  1. Press Feature 84
  2. Select the outgoing line to be used for redirected calls.
  3. Enter the number to which calls are redirected.
  4. Select the lines to be redirected.

So it's not much more detailed than what you posted - though I do sincerely appreciate your response.

If I select another of the two lines on the phone I just get a dialtone and no line redirection takes place.

When they say to select the line to be redirected do they mean to just hit the key corresponding to the line? That's what I'm trying but it doesn't seem to be working.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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When it says select line to be rediirected I'd normally sellect "All"

then press OK it then normally responds "programmed"

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: Hello, Sorry for the 4 year old wake up of this post - but I thought since this matches my issue it would be best to post here than starting a new post.

MuttsNuts wrote: "I'd normally sellect All" - however the phones I am trying to redirect on do not have an "All" button and any line button I hit exits the line redirection feature and gives me a dial tone.

When the phone prompts: 'Select Line(s)' what do I hit if I have no All button?

Thanks, Neil

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