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We have a BCM which we access remotely via LAN1 over a network. Its it possible to VLAN LAN1 so the VOIP and data traffic are segerated. I have found the section in unified manger where you can add additional IP addresses and some documentation on VLAN setup with IP handsets. So i just want to know if 802.1Q is supported on the BCM and how / if it's enabled. The version BCM we are running is 3.6

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As I understand it Nortel suports VLAN tagging not weighted queue. We usualy will place the BCM on a tagged port of the data switch. That way anything entering the BCM is already in the correct VLAN.

The Ip sets have there own internal switch built-in and they are suposed to strip VLAN tags off the computer out port.

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Even though BCM supports some kind of 802.1q tagging, it's not really a good idea to do this on BCM itself. BCM should do voice stuff, router should do routing, and switch should do switching.

Normally you should separate data and voice traffic by placing them into the separate VLANs. To allow communication between VLANs you should use a router. By the design, you should place BCM and all your IP Phones (IP headsets) into the one VLAN, and put all your computers into the another.

At the switch, the port, where you have your BCM connected, should be configured with "Voice VLAN". Ports, where you have your IP Phones connected, should be configured with "Voice VLAN" for your phones, and "Data VLAN" for your computers. And again, whole routing should be performed by the router, not BCM.

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