connecting i2004 ip phone to BCM 3.6 remotely?


Is it possible to connect i2004 ip phone remotely (private home with comcast internet) to BCM 3.6 located in our office. IP phone works fine when I connect it in our office but it fails wneh I try to connect it remotely. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jake

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What you are seeing is common and due to the address translations that are taking place between your PC and the BCM. Another, but less likely, possibility is a firewall somewhere. The only solution I know of is to run a VPN from your network to your corporate network and send the VoIP traffic through the VPN. You will need a contivity box on your end AND the VPN keycode on the BCM and most importantly, someone to set it up properly - not necessarily a trivial thing. Having said all this, when you get it setup, it will likely work very well - my experience anyway. Jim - Former (now retired) Nortel SE (BCM a speciality)

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Jim Sanchez


As Jim mentioned you need to set up a VPN. I have done this many (almost too many) times. If you have a VPN/Firewall device already in use at your main office you should have no problem setting up a VPN on it. Once that is done you need a hardware device (VPN/Router) for the remote locations. Our favorite device is the Linksys BEFSX41 (lovingly know by us as the "Beef Sex 41".

The BEFSX41 will allow you to set up a VPN to your office. The BEFSX41 will use the dynamically assigned IP address that your cable modem gives it. Then in the VPN settings you have to give your computer and IP Phone an internal IP address which should be assigned by the BEFSX41 via DHCP. The VPN will also know the internal network address of the telephone network (i.e. 10.0.0.x ) or whatever internal IP address range you are using. If you need help setting this up please check out the following website -

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- they have excellent information on how to make this work with several different devices.

If you need further help I have some documentation that I have prepared which may help you somewhat.

Good Luck!

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Thank you both for your help. I really appreciate it.

I will buy BEFSX41 for remote location. What can I use for VPN in the office? Can I use 2 BEFSX41 routers or do you recommend some other VPN router? I would love to see any documentation that you might have since I don't have much experience with VPN.

Thank you

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BCM will terminate the VPN tunnel on the head end, if you have the keycode for it. Otherwise, another beefsex is in order.


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