Conference button on Polycom phone

Does anyone have tips for setting up a Meridian Opt 61C to work with the conference button on a Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone? It's an analog unit.

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Jim C.
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The analog Polycom phones (all of them) when used in "conference" mode require tying 2 phone lines together, which in the grand scheme of things requires provisionung the Polycom with 2 analog lines and is just plain bad practice.

Instead, provision the phone with only ONE line then use a Magic Marker to blacken-in the "Line 2" and "conference" pushbuttons and train the user how to use the "FLASH" button to build a true, all digital, clear as a bell, multi-party conference.

We even made little 'cheat-sheets' on laminated business-card size stock listing the procedure to build and split a multi-party conference on an analog phone, i.e., a Polycom. Every Polycom in every one of our conference rooms has one of these little cards attached and the users love them.

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