Baystack 470's and Fiber

I have 4 BS 470's. Two are 48T's and the other two are 24T's. The two

48's are in our main building and the two 24's are in an adjacent building. The pair of devices on each side are stacked.

I have two fiber loops joining the devices together. For a long time, we had both GBICs connected at the same time (one on each unit).

This morning, we came in, and our entire network was down. The activity lights on the ethernet drops were all on solid. After some poking around I decided to yank one of the GBICs out and the network calmed down.

Should one GBIC be active on each of the switches or is it OK to have 2 active (one from-to each switch)??

Is there any aggregate bandwidth increase or fault tolerance gained by having both connected at once?

Alternatively is there any problems with plugging both loops in at the same time?



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either need to have MLT configured on each end or make sure spanning tree is enabled on all fiber ports at each end, however spanning tree will block one connection and keep the other up.

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Ok, is MLT support from 470 to 470 or only from 470 to passports?

I will look into the spanning tree...

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Nortel switch to any Nortel switch supports MLT

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