Onkyo TX-SR607 & Samsung Virgin Media V+

Has anyone tried using a Samsung Virgin media V+ Box with an Onkyo
TX-SR607 ?
It seems they wont handshake properly together,
All other sources into the Amp ;SKY+ Satellite receiver via HDMI
connected, Panasonic DVD again connected via HDMI, also the Wii is
converted from YUV to HDMI via a converter whilst I don't have another
use for it, its no better than going in component and up-scaling to 720,
but it does switch within the AMP faster. all work fine.
The Virgin media box when switched into HiDef mode makes the HDMI label
on the Onkyo display flash, then come steady, then the audio works, then
it begins to flash again and the audio mutes, at no point do we see a
picture using HDMI at all.
I borrowed a neighbours V+ box, same model etc, although they are not
using it into a HD screen, they're using a projector via the scart/RGB
connection, their box does exactly the same here connected to the SR607,
Having telephoned Virgin faults line - their people say its the amp,
having spoken to the Onkyo dealer, they say the HDMI output of the V+
box has something wrong with it, (and I tend to agree, given all the
other equipment connected works fine)
The SR607 is connected to an LG plasma via DVI, the information screen
on the plasma displays the input resolution, 720P, when all my other
sources are tested with it, also when plugging in the V+ box directly to
the plasma via DVI I also do not get a picture, just the label bouncing
around the screen saying no signal, for the moment I'm at a loss of what
to do..
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