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I have just purchased a HDTV (Samsung HLT6189S, 1080p) which I will use now with a cable box, but intend to switch to satellite in a few months. The HDTV has 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs. I will need to also purchase some external speakers with amplifier.

My question is, what does the A/V receiver I've seen discussed here do? The 3 HDMI inputs seem like enough, since all I can imagine hooking up is a DVD player.

Apparently HD players do not contain amplifiers, so does that mean I will need to buy an extra DVD player with my amp/speakers?

I just have a 15 x 14 room, so my needs seem minimal. What am I not understanding?

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to get started all you need is the hdtv and a hdmi cable. the cable is both audio and video. So the hdtv will play the sound for you. If you are going to get an amp and speaker they should also have hdmi input and outputs. you run your cable box hdmi cable into the input on the amp then to the hdtv. the same is true with any dvd or hd/bluray player. If the amp you purchase has dolby 5.1 decoder and you cable sends the 5.1 your amp will decode it and there ya go. One other thing is that 5.1 is becoming an older standard there are newer and better versions but the amp must be compatible with them.

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