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My home theater tuner has a headset jack. Over the years I have begun to lose my hearing to the point that I have to turn the tuner up louder than what other people in the room are comfortable with for me to hear it. I managed to pick up a bluetooth headeset that I can use when I plug the sender unit into the headset jack, but unfortunately at that point, I am the only one who can hear the sound. Is there anything available that would permit me to use the headset jack and still allow the other people in the room to listen also?

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Several options come to mind.

You could have the headphone jack modified so as to not disconnect the=20 speakers when headphones are plugged in.

You could purchase a line level headphone amp such as an ART HeadAmp.=20 That would allow up to four people to do the same thing. eBay example:

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search: "headphone amplifier" shows many other examples.

A cheesy, yet functional, alternative would be to purchase a cheap=20 computer speaker system w/headphone jack. Yard sale item ~$5? Maybe you=20 even have some laying around.

Cut off the 1/8" input plug [or buy an adapter @ RS] and replace with=20 stereo RCA plugs and stick 'em in the tape monitor outs. Hide the speakers somewhere, or rip the guts out of the cabinets and=20 mount in a small box. You don't need the speakers. You'll need an 1/8"=20 to =BC" stereo adapter for the headphones, but those can be had for next =

to free as well.



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