OQO and Sony Ericsson T637

Hello, all.

I am considering the OQO handtop and need a little more continuity between Wi-Fi access points so I'm thinking of using a T637 mobile phone with the OQO's Bluetooth ability to get my internet connection from my hand to my shoulder, which is where the phone would sit in my jacket pocket, out to the Cingular AP over GPRS at a speed of around 60 kbps, and internet from there.

Now, this is really pretty conventional but I sure would like to know if these two hardware devices can maintain an *audio headset* connection either by VoIP internet or audio Bluetooth to telephones world wide. It's crucial that I use a headset as I work in noisy environments, and I already have a headset that provides fine noise resistance. Even my mother can hear me on this headset and she's got hearing aids in both ears. I can hear her, too, with this biaural headset from Radio Shack, and her voice is getting weak with Parkinsonism, and I communicate around operating engines. (Not jet engines!)

Can Bluetooth be configured to relay an audio signal from the headset to the mixer in the OQO to the phone?

Is there a biaural (not binaural) Bluetooth headset with a boom mic I can use with both the OQO and the phone, and if so, what would I have to do to switch devices, assuming the audio Bluetooth connection was not parallel?

I'll be listening to music, recording myself and my acoustic guitar, and talking on the phone.

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Got me interested. What is and OQO?

either by VoIP

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Parkinsonism, and

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I ordered mine and will have it next week sometime. I've read mixed reviews, so I'm cautiously optimistic. As for your specific needs, it sounds like you're a trailblazer in many respects. I doubt they've tested any of your configurations, except maybe a bluetooth-phone connection for internet access.

But, don't expect reliable 60kbps speeds when you're using bluetooth to get the signal between your phone and the computer. You're speeds will be better when you tether with a USB cable. And, consider getting an EDGE phone where the data speeds are much faster, in general.

Your VoIP is a great idea, but unfortunately I don't think we're there yet for your application. The UMTS network that AT&T(now Cingular) has rolled out in some select markets may be the key to that kind of mobile/wireless activity.

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