X10 units kill compact fluorescents

I can't believe it took me so long to realize, but I've blown 4 (2 each of 2 kinds) of compact fluorescent bulbs, and I'm confident it's because of my X10 units.

I figured out quickly that they don't work with the lamp modules, so I had them plugged into appliance modules. This appeared to work for some time, but sooner or later (probably within a week), the bulb would die with a loud noise when switched on. No unusual behavior was exhibited (blinking, interference, etc) until they blew.

Taking the busted bulb modules apart, they all seem to have burst one of the two big radial capacitors inside.

Any idea what causes this or if I can do something to make the two compatible with each other? I really miss remote control of my lights, and I'd prefer to not go back to incandescent.

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I think what you've got is the local sense current burning out the bulbs. Many of us disable this feature because of the problems the leakage current. To disable this go here:

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That's really just one line.

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Neil Cherry

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