MCK units over DSL

We want to put two Norstar phones in a remote office that connect via MCK gateway/branch units back to our main office's Norstar MICS (r4 s/w). In the main office we have about 12 computers in a workgroup, relatively light internet usage, and a dynamic T1 voice/data product that gives us approximately 768Kb symmetrical internet, burstable up to about 1.2Mb. In the remote office we have "business class" DSL that provides approximately

1.5Mb down / 384Kb up. There also will be two PCs in the remote office connected via VPN (if all goes as planned). These computers will see only very light usage, and it's not likely that both Norstar phones will be used at the same time. In fact, the phones won't be used much at all, and when they are used it mostly will be for intercom/inter-office communications.

What are the gotchas here, and is there a better way of doing this?

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