Using RCS RS-485 8-Button LCD Keypad with ELK M1

Hello all,

Has anyone used the RCS RS-485 keypad with an ELK M1? From a quick read it appears they should be compatable. Considering it as an "easy" way to set temperature should I choose not to install a thermosat (mentioned in my earlier post) and perhaps a cheaper interface (but not as nice) than the ELK touch screen.

Thanks, Ray

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I don't think it would be quite that easy.

First of all, the ELK M1 RS-485 bus and the RCS bus run at different speeds. You'd have to connect the RCS Keypad to a Serial Port Expander (M1XSP) to get the baud rate to 9600. Also, the RCS keypad is a polled device. You'd have to write rules to query the keypad, then write rules to capture the response(s).

Have you thought about using RSC thermostats and temp sensors? (TR16-485, TR40-485, or RS21) The ELK M1 supports them.

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R. Lejeune

RL, Thanks for your reply. Was planning on the Serial Port Expander as needed that for my UPB lighting already in place. Didn't realize I would have to wrte rules though. All indicators from the help I recieved on this board point to going with thermostats and biting the bullet on the ELK touch$creen if I want a fancy interface without relying on a PC.

I will take a close look at the RCS thermostats you recommended.

Thanks again, Ray

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