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Throughout my house I have 4 pair Cat5e wire running; the builder used it for the phone system. I've tapped off two pairs at each wall plate into a cat5e RJ45 keystone jack, and put a hub at the wiring closet, thus giving me a poor man's throughout-the-house network (works great!). One of the remaining two pairs is used for the phone.

This leaves one remaining pair (two wires) doing nothing. So, my question is, is there any turnkey solution that will let me use those wires for a whole-house intercom / paging system? My dream would be to have little intercom boxes all throughout the house, presumably all interconnected back in the wiring closet, so that you could walk up to any of these boxes, press a TALK button, and say "honey, where are you?" Then Honey could respond, "i'm in the den!" An eight-station system would be ideal.

If possible, I'd rather not use existing telephones for this.

I would have thought this would be easy to find, but haven't seen any viable solutions. Can someone help me out? I can do wire installation (wiring up jacks, crimping phone plugs, things like that). I couldn't "build a circuit"; i've never touched a soldering iron and wouldn't know a resistor if it bit me in the butt. :(

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! MAC

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I use a "KSU-less" phone sysytem to do that. Even if you only have one phone line it will work great. I highly recommend the TMC Epic 4000 or 4300 phones. They'll do exactly what you want and more using only the same pair as the phone line so you'll still have that spare pair!.

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BTW, it's

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