Something to Monitor Status of ALL UNITS

I wanted to know, im almost positive i saw something but cant seem to find it now. If there was something that existed that basically just monitored the electric and had an LED for each UNIT AND HOUSE CODE and if the unit was on, the LED would be on, if the unit was off the LED would be off this way at a glance you could look up and see what units were on or off at any given time.?!

thanks Fred P.S I saw LED's cause im almost positive the unit i saw was a grid of LED's for all UNits and house codes..

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Given that you used "UNIT AND HOUSE CODE", I guess you're talking about X-10.

X-10's ActiveHome software for the CM11A has a grid of simulated LEDs that you can access with the "Tools | Find Other Computers" menu. It's not necessarily accurate as the state of the LEDs reflect only commands sent/received by a connected CM11A.

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