Siamese Video / Power Cable

Building a new home. CCTV security cameras will be installed. What's recommended or preferred for the video side of the siamese cable - RG-59 or just video cable? What are the pros and cons of each? What's the preferred method of terminating the connectors? Many thanks!


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Bob Dozier
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I would go with the siamese. You can even get the cables pre-made on ebay for a few dollars in 50' increment lengths. The cost of cable, and terminating the ends would exceed the cost of the pre-made.

If you want to roll your own and have large distances to cover (hundreds of feet) I go with RG-6 (also available in siamese) a little harder to work with, but better signal quality. I would not want to pull hundreds of feet of RG-59 just to find out it didn't work well. The 2.1 mm male and female connectors for the power (18-2 stranded) are hard to find, and available at Mouser.

For termination we prefer compression connectors over crimp connectors for coax. More weather tight.

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