Pool controls - what are my options?

Hi folks!

I own two investment homes in Florida, both with inground pool & spa. One has a Jandy aqualink system with a phone interface. This allows me to dial in and turn on the pool heat when a guest is expected, and turn it off after they leave. The other has a much simpler Jandy Aquaswitch which is about a simple as they come.

I'd like to replace the aquaswitch with something I can connect to remotely which would enable me to turn on and off the heat, and preferably view temperatures and adjust the water temps (the aqualink only allows turning devices on and off).

The system to be replaced has Jandy JVAs (valve activators) and a panel which could presumably reused. My requirements are, in order from most to least important:

  1. Remote control of heat (this is the primary goal) and other devices (i.e. let me turn the filter on even if it's outside its schedule), plus simple local spa on/off panel for guests and remote status of all devices
  2. Remote reprogramming of temps and schedules
  3. Remote viewing of temperatures

Devices to be controlled are filter, heater, air bubbler, lights and two JVAs (but I may want to add more of those) to switch between pool and spa.

I figure putting in a complete Aqualink system with phone or computer interface will cost me about $1500 if I buy the stuff on ebay and do the work myself. I'd like to keep the cost under $1k if possible (certainly no higher than an Aqualink system), and would like the system to be more flexible than the Aqualink. I'm not averse to installing a second PC at the house to control the pool, if required (we already have cable internet with a router there, so hooking up another computer is not a problem).

The system must be 100% reliable, and should not depend on a PC to run (but it's OK to be required for reprogramming or remote connection). Also important is that it be relatively simple (that is, no more complicated than the Aqualink) to install and maintain; I'd rather spend more money on a plug-and-play package than something I have to program from scratch. When I go down there, my time is limited, so I have to have everything work the first time.

I await your responses. Please post to the group as this email address is dead.



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