LED Filament Strips

I'm trying to put together a project for my screened in porch. I would like to hang some fancy wine bottles from the ceiling at various heights. I would like them lit, so using the LED filament strips would be nice touch. The LED filament strip could be inserted from the top open end of the bottle. I've found them in 2 places, ALI Express and Amazon. ALI was cheapest at .91 each strip. I've done a lot of Googling and that's all I've come up with, except for lots of link to LED filament bulbs, which I really don't want. I've always hesitated from ordering direct from Europe or Asia. Anyone have any experiences with ALI? I know they were just in the news, I think something about going public or some other financial thing (I'm an engineering nerd, so excuse my lack of financial knowledge). Also, anyone here play with these LED filament strips? Any 1st hand info would be great.

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Art Todesco
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Have ordered many times through Alibaba distributers and have never had a problem. Shipping can be expensive as most use DHL.


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