Jumper wiring Leviton 6284 / X10 PZZ01 Whole House Block

Hiya. I wrote to this group around Thanksgiving with a bunch of questions about filtering out PLC Noise coming into my Manhattan apartment from elsewhere in the building. Then I had to drop off for a while due to illness and some day-job issues needing greater attention. (See

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you really want to review the gory story.)

We're not quite done but have our issues about 98% resolved using a number of solutions, and I will follow up on that thread at a later date. But I just need to check on something before I do any damage:

I now have a Leviton 6284 Whole House block working along with a Leviton 6285 Signal Attenuator to really bring down the noise level, and a Leviton HCA02 booster to bring the cleaned, attenuated signal back up. The 6284 seems to be functioning better than the PZZ01 we tried in November, but I don't know if the 6284 is designed better or if I just had two bum PZZ01s to start with.

1) IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL BETWEEN X-10 PRO'S PZZ01 AND LEVITON'S 6284? Has any lab benchmarked their performance? Are they identical?

2) The installation instructions are nearly identical *except* that the PZZ01 instructions state "A jumper on the PZZ01 is needed from L3 to L2 when installing into a split-phase panel" and there is no corresponding instruction from Leviton. I asked Leviton about this and they didn't know what I was referring to (or played dumb about a competitor's product). I did find, though, that the 6284 performs better in my single split-phase panel with L2 jumped to L3 than without the jumper. The ERROR light on the HCA02 still blinks, but the activity on both my ELK ESM1 and TesterLinc meters dies down dramatically.

3) But on a hunch, I tried jumping L1 to L3 instead of L2 to L3, and now I get no error indications for the first time in 9 months! Assuming this had something to do with the noise level coming in on the phase wired to L1 on the 6284's terminal block, I switched terminals so that the phase jumped to the L3 terminal now was wired to the L2 terminal (i.e., all according to the PZZ01 instructions), but my error indicators came back.

In a nutshell, the 6284 sitting in my breaker panel performs best when L1 is jumped to L3. But jumping L1 to L3 is NOT DOCUMENTED in the PZZ01 literature, and jumping terminals on the 6284 is not documented by Leviton AT ALL.

For safety's sake, I have the whole house block switched off until I find out more. My wife loves our new home and I am not about to burn it down. But can anyone confirm if it is safe to jump L1 to L3 on a Leviton 6284?

Thanks, all!

-- Alan T. in NYC

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Hello, I've been troubled by severe interference since installing X10 on my two-leg 120v system. I just installed a Leviton 6284 which reduced, but did not eliminate the noise. I don't see a reply to your post. Is there a risk to placing a jumper from L3 to L2 or L1? Have you tried it long-term?

I, too, am reluctant to burn my house down due to the potential negative consequences on my marital status and a few other reasons. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

AlanT> Hiya. I wrote to this group around Thanksgiving with a bunch of

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