Wiring new house

I have a question... I am helping a friend wire there house and everything is going to be home run to a central spot. I know data and that you can terminate to a patch panel and patch to a switch or whatever. I'm just a little uncertain with the phone. They are going to have several phone jacks in the house. I was thinking a structured media center but soem of the modules are pricey. So I was looking at other ways to make everything work.

Lets way they have 12 phone jacks in the house, how would you connect it up to one incoming line. I see all these voice grade patch panels and such but not sure how you tie the phone into it. Anyone give me some assistance. That would be awesome :-)


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Matt Michaels
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The exact product you need is available at Mike Sandman's.

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He calls it an Installation Block.


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Dale Farmer

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