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Any feedback on the Graphic Five system. I am looking to install whole house audio utilizing cat-5 (digital) cabling from the head end to each room. At the various room amplifiers, I of course have installed the appropriate cabling for the speakers in that room. Any other systems to recommend. Thanks a lot! Kevin

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audio utilizing cat-5 (digital) cabling from the

installed the appropriate cabling for the speakers in


There are a number of high quality multi-room audio systems which use CAT5 cabling. The Graphic Five is a really sweet design. Take a look at Russound's "Rnet" controllers. Xantech makes a high end integrated system called MRC88 (MRC44 is the smaller version). I sell these (including Graphite Five) online. Customers have given good feedback on all of them. Russound is the most popular.

There are also several brands of "A-Bus" systems on the US market. Again, Russound is a major player. Channel Vision also has an A-Bus system but it's not as well-known as Russound's version. A-Bus isn't as flexible as the other types, but it offers a less expensive alternative with more features than a basic, single-zone (impedance matching volume controls) system.

If you're planning on doing this for a living it would be wise to familiarize yourself with all of these plus a few more. At the very least you'll e able to answer clients' questions about alternatives and proposals from competing vendors.

Graphite Five is more flexible than most of the others though it's significantly higher in cost. Best of luck.

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