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My whole house block (PZZ01) is now sitting on my neutral line. I did look inside it before I installed it. A few RF coils, an address switch wheel (?) and the ferrite assembly.

Anybody ever taken one of these things apart and figured out how they are intended to work? I also have an XTB II on order, and have to figure out how to set all this up.

My working hypotheses is that I will get best results from simply shorting L1, L2, L3 and neutral together at the device (i.e. not wired to the breakers), creating a blocking filter for incoming (and outoing) X10 signals. Then I can rely on either the XTB II alone, or a one-legged XTB II and my existing active coupler.

If it is an active device, then my hypothesis is incorrect.

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We have one here, and the XTB-II works just fine with the Leviton 6284 / PZZ01 connected per the diagram. One dual-pole breaker feeds that, the whole house surge protector, and the XTB-II. I don't know how effective it is keeping the XTB signals from leaving the house.


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