Does Power Line Carrier work during power outages?


Does PLC still work when there is no AC power on the line - i.e. during a power outage?

When I say "PLC", I mean PLC in general - I'm not referring to just one particular prototocl (such as X-10).

I realize that the answer may depend on the PLC chipset/standard used. If you know the answer for a specific chipset, please let me know.

Here's why I'm asking - suppose I have a PLC device such as phone jack extender and suppose it has battery backup. I would want that device to work during a power outage...



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i guess you should get a UPS to OP that PLC and all other nice little Either and CAN devices and maybe a blue tooth device thrown in here and there.

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Some will other will not. Some power line modems only use the AC wiring as a trsnaport medium and are independant of the AC line(provided that they are powered by mean other that the AC line)

X-10 will not work as most modules a powered by the AC-Line but the also depend on the AC for synchronization. (ZVC)

That's my two cents

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Richard Nielsen

Technically most PLS stuff would work without power on the line. It just uses the wiring as transport medium. Some, like X10, synchronize with the AC power and would not work without.

However, for most application the point is moot as the actuel PLC modem is powered from the line and will not work without power.


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Markus Baertschi

Hello Chris,

If designed right, it can. However, keep in mind that PLC gear has to drive the power line pretty hard. This means that any backup batteries might exhaust quickly.

One reason for the hard (low-Z) drive is that the powerline contains a lot of capacitive loads. Many power strips have caps, most electronics do, I have even seen a vacuum that did.

Regards, Joerg

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