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I am looking a way how to control and access (over internet) my home automation system (HAI Omni IIe). I read there are hybrid (hardware/software) controllers.

As you probably guessed I don't won't to use/buy new PC only to control home automation.

Can someone recommend me those "hybrid" controllers since I haven't found anything on the internet.

The closest thing I came up with was Homeseer PRO-100.


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toni maroni
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It's unclear what you mean by "hybrid (hardware/software)controllers".

It is worth noting first that some panels (eg Elk M1G) are accessible over the Internet by the addition of an ethernet portal. If your HAI Omni is accessible by RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485, you can make it accessible by WiFi or wired ethernet by adding an RS-xxx to ethernet hub.

Here's one that I use and like DeviceMaster® AIR 1-Port Wireless Device Server that is available on special directly from the manufacturer for $99

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It consists in a 802.11b WIFI access point and ethernet to RS232/422/485 (software selectable) converter. You don't need to use the wireless access point and can connect directly to the RS-xxx-->ethernet hub. You can also add a simple ethernet switch and get wireless access to multiple ethernet devices including the ethernet to serial adapter. There are many other RS-xxx to ethernet adapter/converters/hubs without the WIFI hubs available including many models from Comtrol. I have some for sale at my personal HA and electronics Internet porch sale
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(A common request in c.h.a is how to control and get video from a remote location like a driveway gate. This device is ideal for this purpose IME. It is rated for operating temperature of ?20° to 60°C

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Pursuing the trajectory that you ask about, you cite/mention the HomeSeer Pro 100 which is a PC with HomeSeer v2.x software in semiconductor memory rather than stored on and accessed through a hard drive. But you don't mention/reference/cite Homeseer's HomeTroller

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which is similar in that it runs a version of Homeseer 2.x that can be reloaded from 'firmware' (programs stored in silicon rather than spinning magnetic memory) but does depend on both a hard drive with a spinning platter and a fan.

Is your criteria that the controller not have 'spindles' (rotating hard drive, fan, etc) ?

Here are some other similar controllers that ABIK are not available in software-only versions ala Homeseer and may be spindle-free. Control 4 Home Controller HC-300 $699

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Reviewed here:
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How simple do you need the "install" to be (measured in hours)? SmartHome classifies automation devices into those that less than or more than 60 minutes. For some, 60 days is optimistic ... ;-)

... Marc Marc_F_Hult Internet Porch Sale of personal Home Automation and Electronic gear ongoing at

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HAI has had ethernet access for nearly 5 years so I'm not sure what you're really asking.

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Dave Houston

Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automat ion Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connec tion and data processing, NQLink much faster on connect than other app that you ever seen.

NQLink Provide both connection Local IP and Outside IP or domain name with one account for all devices: Controller, Hi-Fi2, Music Sever, Camera. App a utomatically looking for available connection every time. if you switch you r phone between Local wifi to cellular data network, NQLink automatically s witch connection also.

NQLink can run in background and start with your phone reboot to give you o ption notification on system such as: Security Mode, Lighting changed state .,etc.

NQLink Supported widget for function, GEO Fencing based on GPS Technology, Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.


  • Two option for display: List display and Grid Display (Touchscreen displa y mode)
  • Two connections Local IP and Domain name (Outside IP) supported
  • Looking for available connection automatically
  • Notification option for report system event
  • GPS GEO Fencing function
  • Voice control supported (Require Internet connection)
  • Supported HAI Music Gateway and Music Server
  • Supported Hi-Fi2 Equalizer Setting
  • Control light and Appliance.
  • Security management.
  • Air Conditioner Management
  • Multi Room Hi-Fi2 Audio system.
  • Macro Button Control
  • User Setting
  • Access Control
  • Room and Area manage by Users
  • Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.
  • Press and hold Item desire to Re-name (Please enable Display as list in A ccount setting)

Comercial version:

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Thomas A.

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