Large X10 and Insteon Installaion works -- thanks to Jeff Volp

I have a fairly large X10 installation that I just added around 40 or so Insteon switches/dimmers to based on the inputs of a couple of people in this forum a few months ago. I also moved things around into a new wiring closet, etc., etc.

Well, my X10 signal went down the tubes, even though I have an XTB- IIR. I thought, maybe another amp of some flavor would help and I contacted Jeff Volp.

He helped me (via several emails) isolate my problem(s) and I'm happy to say that you can have a reliable, large X10 (60 or so devices) plus Insteon (over 40) installation!

You just need an XTB-IIR and the expert help of a very committed guy like Jeff!

By the way, the issue had nothing to do with the XTB-IIR -- it's a GREAT product! There is no way this installation would work with my old Leviton coupler/repeater.

Many thanks!


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Wow, thanks a lot for the compliments!

Your installation is an example how a large combined Insteon / X10 system can work.

FYI, I'm in the process of moving everything over to a new website:

There is now a FAQ, which may help some of you if questions come up in the future.

Thanks again!


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