FA: X-10 ToggleLincs, LampLincs and PowerLinc

Included in this auction are:

Two ToggleLinc switches, model 23893W Two LampLinc dimmer modules, model 2000SHL3 PowerLinc USB X-10 computer interface, model 1132CU

These items were used for about 6 months before I switched over to Insteon.

This model PowerLinc USB module is the one which can store programs for offline use. You can use home automation software such as Indigo for the Mac to upload a program to the PowerLinc, then have the PowerLinc control your X-10 setup without requiring your computer be on.

For complete specs and other information, see the SmartHome site, from which these were purchased:

ToggleLincs -

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All of these pieces sold new for $159.96.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thanks, Lee

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Lee Fyock
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