DSS Of Air Antenna input and Modulator

I have an 8 way DSS splitter with 5 inputs, 4 of the inputs are for the DSS antennas and 1 input for Of Air Antenna. I would like to use a 3 Channel, ChannelVision Modulator to feed the mixed signal (some security cameras) to the Of Air Antenna input. Will this work?


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Yes, that will work. You may or may not also need a filter.

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However, it probably will not work if you have the new Directv 5-LNB dish (needed for their next generation mpeg-4 receivers). I don't have the reference right now, but an article I read indicated that Directv now uses frequency ranges that will collide w/ OTA ranges. Directv specifically says they do not support adding in the OTA signal into the multiplexers with the new equipment.

The OP didn't mention if he had Dish or Directv, so I don't know if this will apply to him.


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Kurt Delaney

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