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Does anyone know of a system that will allow me to open and close my sliding gate by striking an "F" key?

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did it open?

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G. Morgan


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will need the universal module, a computer interface, e.g. CM11a see
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you will have to write your own program to control the CM11a.

The universal module will have to be wired into your gate's push button switch. make sure that this switch is a toggle switch, meaning when the gate is open, it will close it and when it is closed, it will open it. If you need to see the status of your gate remotely you may have to install the powerflash module. With a magnetic sensor it can send a signal to any X10 device.

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The Cm15a can be download with the logic to control this. I'm not a fan of ActiveHome, but for something this simple, might be a good choice. The "F" key might then be a x10 mini-controller button, and the status displayed with an x10-module and a nightlight)

(I've been using a cm15a since it came out, but have my own software to control it from Linux).

I'd be concerned about any program like suggested if it ran on windows, as, if someone is waiting at the gate, would "give me a few minutes, my computer just crashed and is booting" be ok?.

X10 might have some "security" issues. If someone determines the device (or tries all 256 possible) they'll be able to open your gate by just using a mini controller from any outlet on your side of the electric company's transformer (neighbor's house?).

How far is the house from the gate? Is it easy to run a low voltage cable between the house and gate? I'm thinking 4 wire cable. Two used for a relay at the gate (to trip the open/close logic) with a simple pushbutton inside the house, and the second pair hooked to a magnetic reed relay at the gate to detect position, and a LED in the house to show it. Power could be provided by a "wall wart" in the house. Might need a resister for the LED.

You could get a bit fancier and add the ability to automatically close the gate if it's been open for more than "x" minutes. See

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(Garage Door Closer section) for something that could work. (~$20 in parts) If you go this way, please make sure the that the stuff at the gate is "smart enough" to not try to close if something (like a vehicle) is blocking the gate! With the controller in the house, it would be simple to add a manual pushbutton to open/close the gate. There's a reference to a good magnetic reed relay there, even if you take another approach.

Feel free to contact me off list at homeauto at usandthem dot com.

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