audio video multimedia setup

looking at:

  1. a great room
  2. 3 bedrooms
  3. kitchen
  4. office/den

wondering what kinda of audio video solution you guys would advise, there will be a touchpad in each one to choose a movie or archived tv show, also a live satellite feed for watching live tv.

im wondering if i should go big ass dvd player or a highend multimedia computer with massive hdd space.

going to control it all from the den with just drop feeds to each room.

any suggestions/links.



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Hi Chris,

I am using D-Link media players (one of the SD ones, and two HD ones) in my bedrooms and living room. The server is a WinMCE computer in the kitchen, with all movies ripped to .vob files, and the MCE machine handling tv recordings, and serving music and other content.

It works *fairly* well. I am not using the server software that came with the dlink boxes -- instead, I am using Tversity

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With the addition of Cidero, I can start and stop and cue up any media on any box from any PC. Might have to develop a touch screen interface for my old audry's, but really the remote control that comes with the DSMs has been just fine.

The issues I am having are some bad VOB encodes, and the 4gb file size limitation that tversity has. Can either compress movies using DVD shrink, or split them into 4gb chunks, which has been what I've been doing. This causes about a 1 second pause towards the end of most movies.

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E. Lee Dickinson

Is this a harbinger of the future with a lot of the smarts being in the TV itself?

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Dave Houston

Ugh, given the number of failed attempts at this over the years I'd never buy a TV that had anything integrated into it. It's far simpler to replace an external box than to lug an entire TV back to the store. That and boxes can be moved to other rooms as needs change, again without lugging some big-ass TV around.

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