CM15A protocol document

Here is my first attempt at a more official CM15A protocol document. It's not done but it's much better than my confusing CM15D web page. The CM15D was just a loose notes page but we all tried to use it as much more. I decided that I should spend a little time and put my notes into document form and make the thing more understandable. I don't think this document is perfect but it's a little better than the CM15A page.

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Over the next few months I'll spend more time cleaning up my other pages as well and update various packages I maintain. Since the loss of my drive in August I am still cleaning up the mess. I've added the above link to my documentation section of my we pages.

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Neil Cherry
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Neil.. Let me know if you want any of my "code snippets" to include. You should have the C ode for sending Dims/Brights, but I've also worked out the send/recv of Preset dims and status request/responses.

BTW, been running my CM15a for over a year now completely from Linux...

(my DIY app that started with 1-wire stuff!)

Neil Cherry wrote:

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