Best Inexpensive Security Camera - Low-Light Indoors????

I'm trying to set up a security system for a friend's bar, and part of it includes a camera setup. It's indoors, rather low-light. I tried some of the X10 stuff, which, regardless of its claims, is terrible in low light. There are several brands at Fry's costing a bit more, which claim to be "night vision" and such.

Given that in these conditions, I have no trouble seeing things, what would be a good brand or model of surveillance camera to use? Are there any other stores I might check? Are the "IR LED illumination" with LEDs on the front worth anything?



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they have several different low level cameras and everything that goes with it.

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nick markowitz

Depending on the light level, a day/night cam with infrared illuminators is likely to be stuck in 'night' mode all the time inside the bar. This means the picture will always be in black and white.

What you may want to do is put low-lux color cams up that are going to be aimed at the cash registers and other places that you want color during business hours (relying on the lights that will be on). Use these if the objective is to reduce shrink etc...

Use day/night cams in areas that are more for after hours break-in's and the back door -- where the objective may be intrusion detection and recognition. The images will be in black and white, but lighting won't be an issue.

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G. Morgan

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