ZoneAlarm Program Control List Problem

It might be due to a corrupted database. If you don't mind starting over from scratch, you can just delete all the files in your Internet Logs folder and ZA should recreate the files again when you start up. You'll have to give all programs permissions all over again, and configure everything once again also. If that isn't the problem, then I'm not sure what you can do about it..

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Too All:

I've been using ZoneAlarm free for at least 3 years.

Since upgrading to the ZA 5.x, my program control list does not update when I remove a program entry (the entry remains when I re-open ZA). I know that this problem has been discussed before. A quick review of the ZA website blames it on the offending software entry while a quick Google search came up blank.

So, does anyone know how to fix the program control list so that when I remove an entry, it remains removed?



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Thanks for the RE. Could you be a little more specific or give a good reference for your procedure? I have over 700 files in:

C:\\WINDOWS\\Internet Logs

From the Date Created and Date Modied columns, it is obvious that I could blow away a whole bunch of the ZALogYYYY.MM.DD.txt files. What about the xDB*.tmp files. Might the DB stand for database?


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