witch stations must be protect on a workgroup ?

Hi, On a small net " workgroup ", one PC is always connect to Internet and share the connection to the others PC (ICS). This machine is protect with ZA set to " High " internet zone security and Internet Connection Sharing is set to " This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway ". The others machines are also protect with ZA set to " High " internet zone security.

-Does the others PC on this net realy need to be protect by a Firewall


-It's just the PC that share the connection that have to be protect ? In the fact, when I test my protection with

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on the others PC on the net, the secutity level depend on what is the set on the PC who share the connection. Hope you will understand me, English is not my language... If you have adress were I can have exemple of how to protect a network.... Many thank's Pascal (beginner)

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If you don't have a reason not to get a NAT router, then you should get one and not use a MS O/S as a gateway device for the LAN and WAN, which cost about as much as ZA on a machine.

You can use ZA on each machine behind the router if you like, but some people don't do that and just go with the NAT router and a good AV.

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Duane :)

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