Will ZoneAlarm free run in Win95?

Could someone please tell me if the free ZoneAlarm firewall will run on Win95? I have a network of two powerful PCs on WinXP, one of which is connected to the Internet via ADSL modem. Now I'm about to bring in a third PC, used in another place for two years; I bought it secondhand and it's on Win95 and not very powerful (CPU 200 MHz, hard drive 2 GB). The two PCs that are already in the network are protected by Norton Firewall (located on the hard drives) and anti-virus services but that's too strong to run on the third one (the firewall would slow down all traffic hopelessly). I want the Win95 PC connected to the Internet by a coaxial cable to the one that's already connected, and they'll be using the same monitor, keyboard and mouse over a vga switch. I'm probably going to upgrade to Win98SE and give it more punch in a year or so. I guess I'll get a router too, but I need a firewall that'll work for me now and be able to communicate with the Internet and the Symantec firewalls. Would ZoneAlarm free do this?

Martin, Sweden

(I tried to put the question to Zonelabs but they don't seem to have much in the way of pre-sales customer service)

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Considering the product is free, 'pre-sales' c.s. is not high priority.

When I used Win95 (years ago) on similar hardware, there was AtGuard, Sygate and (maybe) Kerio that would run ok. Zonalarm came later, so I can't say if it's suitable for you. I think it would be as quick to download and try it out for yourself, as waiting for zonelabs reply.


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Hi Martin, ZoneAlarm doesn't support Win98 for the newer versions. You might try the older version of ZoneAlarm on oldversion.com. My son used it when he had Win95 on his PC. I'm using one of the 4 versions on my 98. Version 5 and above just isn't compatible. charlie R

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charlie R

Hallo Martin, you ask:

You don't need ZA _on_ this PC. Win95 doesn't offer services to the internet. With packet filtering on your XP-InternetConnection PC there is no risk.

Why don't you use the build-in packet filter of WinXP? Activate filter, so that your internal network (LAN) couldn't response to any connection tries.

Yes, use the internal packet filter (ICF) of the WinXP PC.

For me I don't use Internet connection share, I use a set of proxies for Mail, News, Web and socksified clients.


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