Windows Firewall?

I just subscribed to a DSL service. I know that I'll be needing firewall protection. Will the Windows XP built-in Firewall be sufficient, or will I need something more substantial?

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You should look at the built-in Exceptions list and make sure you don't have any that have opened up anything to the outside world. You should unbind/uninstall Client for MS Networks and MS File and Print Sharing off of the NIC.

You have no need to be in a networking situation with a single machine with a direct connection to the Internet. You should check the XP FW Exceptions list anytime you install software to make sure it doesn't add an Exception to the XP FW that you don't know about.

You should do some of the things in the link to harden the XP O/S to attack with a machine with a direct connection to the Internet. You should also practice safe hex, like don't use IE unless a site calls for IE. You might want to think about OE too.

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You should install Active Ports (free) and place a short-cut for it in the Start-up folder and watch for dubious connection and use it on a routine basis after the O/S Start up looking for dubious connections.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

No, you don't. Because you don't need any.

As you don't need any, it is sufficient. It is also sufficient as a host-based packet filter, which might be useful. It is not sufficient as a firewall that you don't need and wouldn't be useful.

Please stop this "need". Understand your requirements and state them.

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Sebastian Gottschalk

Yes, no.


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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers

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