zonealarm wireless problem

This afternoon I downloaded the latest ZONEALARM FREE software ans shortly after discovered that I could not get internet access. The wireless indicators confirmed that the wireless card was enabled but also that it would not connect. I fiddled around with the Zonealarm settings and eventually the the problem seems sorted. However, at the bottom of the screen, where all the icons are, I can see inside a connection information icon the sequence MAC 00-14-7F-60-89-30. My concern is that I don't remember having seen this prior to the Zonealarm update (that does'nt mean it was not there), and wondered if it signifies anything to worry about.

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If the MAC is the MAC of the wireless NIC that's in your machine, then what is your concern?

You can check the MAC being used on the NIC if you go to the DOS Command Prompt and enter IPCONFIG /all.

Duane :)

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