Why all the VITROIL and HATRED towards Internet Explorer

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One reason I changed streaming service providers is becuase Live 365 does not work with Firefox, and I was catching HELL for that. I just cannot UNDERSTAND why so many people HATE Internet Explorer. WHAT is so BAD about Internet Explorer to make Live

365 broadcasters lose listeners, after Firefox no longer worked with the Live 365 player Window?
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Which is quite strange, since cross-site scripting (including injection of code into websites that are trusted by default) is even a well documented feature. That is, how can someone break security that was never claimed to be there? :-)

BTW, didn't it also get this name because it made designs explode? Heck, it even shows HTML comments, this doesn't even get the SGML parsing right.

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Sebastian G.

IE is bad and disliked because it exposes your OS to more than any other accepted browser does. It does not follow the WWW standards and will render broken code/pages as it think the coder meant to code them, which can be a threat.

Personally, the only thing I use IE for is bank sites when FireFox doesn't work on them, and I use IE for Outlook Web Access to our Exchange 2003/2007 servers since non-IE browsers don't play well with MS Made Websites.

When we code we ensure that our sites work with IE6, IE7, FireFox and Opera. We start with a reloaded image, so that the test station is virgin, then test on each browser on 2000/XP/Vista and then were possible on OS/x and Ubuntu and Fedora.

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It uses ActiveX as plugin concept, which is a security design flaw, because ActiveX de facto just is COM, and that means you have access to all installed software components by scripting a web site.

Beside that, Internet Exploder got its nick name because of a very bad track record of security holes.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

The upcoming IE8 will default to standards mode, meaning some sites may not work if they are coded to be IE-specific!!

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Andrew Rossmann

It still won't be able to display the most simplest standard confirming websites either. For example:

If your browser displays this, it is obviously broken, since this is a comment!

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Sebastian G.

Among the obvious security and rendering problems over the years, IE is also a resource hog. q.v.

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Many in this thread have given you a variety of good reasons; I'll offer one more.

One of the reasons IE, and even Office, is disliked is because Microsoft refuses to accept standards that just about everyone else has agreed upon.

This means anyone involved with webpage/webapp design is basically forced to program things twice: once to work in IE and once for just about everything else.

Anywho. Cheers.

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Kyle T. Jones

That's nice to know. For a while there Firefox was actually harder on system resources in comparison with IE.

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blessed style

If you leave away 50% of the site because you can't render it, this is easy. If you don't trade CPU time for doing extensive incremental rendering for a better user experience, it's even easier. If you don't need to decompress the data because you don't support it when combined with E-Tags, it buys you a bit.

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Sebastian G.

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