WatchGuard Firebox and site-to-site VPN

I figured I would ask first, before tweaking configurations and breaking things. I've got a main office with a WatchGuard Firebox X5500e firewall. I have many remote/branch sites with smaller Fireboxes, usually X10's or X20's. We have hardware VPNs established from the remote/branch to the main office. The problem I am faced with is this: From remote/branch site A, I want to access a resource at remote/branch site B (or C or D or etc.). At present, I cannot do this. I have been using RDP to get onto a server at the main office, and from there I can access the resource at the other remote/branch office.

Thanks for your help.

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There is no good way to do it - you can create VPN's between site A/C, A/D, etc... but that's messy.

I've never been happy about that method.

I have used WG products for about 8 years, never found a simple method to route from a spoke through the hub to another spoke.

Call WG support, they can tell you how to set it up, I think.

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Thanks for the response. Good to know I wasn't out of my mind for not being able to figure it out...

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