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Hi, hope someone can help.

I have a site to site VPN between here and a remote office using PIX

501's. All works well. Here in the office the same PIX connects to the data centres again via site to site VPN. I would like the remote office to connect to a server at the data centre, the obvious way would be able to create another site to site VPN between the remote PIX and the data centre one.

Is there any other way I can get the remote users to access the data centre?

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Not without changing equipment, No.

If the data centre is a 506 or higher model (except 510) and a series of other things happen to be true, then it might be possible to have your connections to the remote office go through the datacentre (so that you end up with a single VPN tunnel from "here" instead of two), but plain 501's cannot use those approaches.

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Walter Roberson

I think site to site will work good in yor scenerio. I am assuming you have one single remote location and all users at that location wants to have access to data centers.

If not and only 1-2-3 users needs access you can have client to site vpn inplace. where every time user have to dial through VPN software to connect to datatcenters


Bob wrote:

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Thanks all, that's what I thought. The person who set up the PIX at the data centre forgot the enable password, hence the question I wanted to see if there was another way to connect, looks like I need to reset the PIX and reset the password. I belive I won't lose the configuration? and will the PIX just re-establish the other VPN's? The PIX there is a 515.

CK wrote:

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