VPN users behind a firewall

I've got two users trying to hit our VPN concentrator (Cisco 3005) from behind some sort of firewall. I'm not sure yet of the details of the firewall, but I'm trying to find that out.

These two users cannot be connected at the same time.

They're both making PPTP connnections to us with the built-in W2K client. It looks like from the logs, the first one succeeds and the second one gets a "denied -- already established" message. Both users behind the firewall have the same external IP. Is this what's causing the second connection to be denied.

What's the simplest way to allow both these users to connect at the same time?


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You might want to get arround this by ckecking out VPN tunneling. Instead of each user having thier own VPN connection, make a site-to-site VPN tunnel...


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No two users can have the same IP address. Get a second IP.

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It would be about impossible for two users behind a router using the same public IP address to make a PPTP connection to the same server at the same time.

In addition to that, many of the cheap routers only support one PPTP pass through connection at a time.

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Many routers only allow a single PPTP connection to be active to the same VPN endpoint at a time. It's also hard to find out which routers have an application level gateway that supports multiple connections to the same VPN endpoint but they are out there. Also they may be able to upgrade the firmware on their router to support this ability if the vendor has an upgrade available.

But the problem it would seem is not really yours, just tell that that the remote firewall is the problem and let the owner of that device deal with it.

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