Cisco VPN not routing all apps

I use the Cisco VPN client to access my companys systems. Outlook and ERP telnet trafffic is routed correctly thru the tunnel. However all of sudden the special exchange version of Microsoft messenger 5.0 that is hosted within out network no longer gets router thru the VPN tunnel. I did a trace route and it shows activity from my pc goes out the public side of my connection and does not get pushed thru the VPN tunnel.

What controls or setting can I change on my PC (XP Pro) to make this application route thru the VPN as it has prior to the last week or so?

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It all comes down to the routes handed out by the remote VPN device. Check your local routing table to see if you're being handed a route to your internal Messenger server. If not then that's your problem. The route needs to be added to your network list (if you're using a VPN Concentrator) or the appropriate access-list (if you're using a PIX/ASA or IOS device).

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