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Hi folks,

Does anyone know how to block just specific streams of streaming audio or video using either ZoneAlarm or a rule in the firewall. I have tried to block the IP, but it doesn't work. My guess is that since it is an application from inside the firewall that requests it, it doesn't block it.

Main reason is for parental control of applications that can be downloaded, for one use, but may be used for an entirely different use. I want to filter the stream at the network level as I (so far) still have unique control of it, however, I can't figure out how to do this with my present setup:

SMC 7004 VBR Barricade : NAT and the advanced firewall (SPI) enabled. Enabled the website blocking which includes both keywords and ip addresses. Enabled the blocking for the entire DHCP range.

ZoneAlarm (free version) installed, but there are no configurations to block specific IPs, only allow them. I have no idea if the Pro version allows this type of configuration.

Thanks, Cliff.

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Cliff Sobchuk
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