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How to block Audio/Video Streaming? Could you help me please?


I'm working as IT in corporate environment. I usually need to block/filtering web sites and internet things. Now i have a problem to block Audio/Video streaming. Something like we need to blcok users listening internet radios, watching videos such things.

What i need to know is what sort of TCP / UDP ports i should deny to block audio /vidoe streaming using mainly with WIndows Media or Real Player.

We're using LinkSys Router with ADSL connection.

If you think it is not good or possible to do on hardware router/firewall , please advice me some other solutions.

Thanks, Mike

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Tell employees that if they are caught doing it they will be fired. Most will obey. Almost all will obey after you fire one or two.

OR Get better managers and inspire employees.


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A hardware based system is going to go do what you want it to go. You will have to get a program like CyBlock, which includes "Streaming Media" in the category list. CyBlock, while it is very expensive ($799 per year for up to 10 machines), it is the only solution that will do what you want. The "Streaming Media" catergory will block streaming audio you do not want on your network. Just do that, and then configure your firewall so that only outgoing calls to ports

80 and 443 are permitted, that will force any media players installed to use the HTTP-only option, forcing everything through the filtering proxy. You will just have to convince your boss to spend the big bucks for a license, plus a Windows based server (if you do not already have one).
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