sonicwall users info and bandwidth log info

I just got a sonicwall TZ150 today and trying it out. I'm running vmware workstation on my pc as well. the sonicwall doesn't count vmware at all for bytes transfered. why not and how do i get it to? all other routers I've tried that count bytes transfered do this, but not the sonicwall, i don't get it. in the log/reports tab, view web site hits, bandwidth info etc is not counting anything from vmware.

how are the user accounts set up? like what are they for? you can make an AUP, but how is that used? can i set up the router for a user account on my local lan that the local lan user has to agree to the AUP before they surf the net? like they open IE and then they get like a log in screen which has the aup or something?

is it possible that the users inside the router where it says limited management, you can creat a user that can log into the web management for the router, but not have full admin rights. like they are read only or something? it sounds like it when i read that part of the help or whatever, but i don't understand totally.

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