CheckPoint hide nat, static nat

A proxy arp on the firewall for the address followed by a nat translaion for anything Source: Destination: NAT Source: Address on the network Destination: original

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Here is my topology, quickly.

Nokia IP380, 4 network adapters in use.

eth1c0 : (/24) eth2c0 : (/24) eth3c0 : (/24) eth4c0 : (/28)

on eth1c0's network, I have a host

My question:

When wants to talk to, he has to be nated to

On the NAT tab, I have something like this for the inbound

.. Before NAT Source: Destination: || .. NAT Source Destination: original

What do I need to make the outbound realistic? does not exist really, this is kind of a virtual ip just existing on the firewall itself...

What would you add for the retourn rule? I can't address



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Richard Collard

Do not NAT the internal networks communicating with each other at all. NAT only traffic to the internet (hide behind eth4c0). That will save you from a lot of headache.

No, why do you want to NAT it?


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