Sonicwall TZ170 with Dlink DSL-300T


I am trying to setup a sonicwall TZ170 with a DLink DSL-300T as the modem, but I am having trouble getting the config working. I have a block of 8 ips from my isp, and want the sonicwall to effectively act as the router. Has anyone got this type of configuration and how have you set it up?

My intial thoughts were to set the dlink in bridge mode and give the sonicwall the router ip and the subnet mask However that does not see work. The sonicwall does not see the internet, and i seem to be able to only access it via the console.

Any help much appreciated.


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That should work. I have done exactly that with many sonicwalls, although not using dlink hardware.

Does your connection use PPPoE? If so, are you setting up the PPPoE on the sonicwall properly? (if the dlink is truly acting only as a bridge, then it ain't running PPPoE and it needs to run on the sonicwall)


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