rip v2 with the sonicwall TZ170

I've recently moved our Internet access from a DSL service to a simple ethernet connection (an ISP moved into our building so we got lucky) I'm stuck with a Sonicwall TZ170 for at least the next few months - and in general terms it works fine but I've encountered two problems that make it tricky to manage.

  1. I can't seem to enable rip v2 on the WAN and the ISP uses this to maintain the routes through its system. We've got a static route in place as a very sort term solution but I need to get this resolved as it's a non-supported config.

  1. I can't seem to get it to respond to ICMP on the WAN side and the ISP use ping and traceroute in their service monitoring suite and we're coming up as broken.

Can anyone help put these right so I can get some peace and quiet again.


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I've never heard of any ISP using RIP! You shouldn't need to run RIP on a firewall for a single internet connection.


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  1. I've never run across a ISP requiring RIP. We use RIP so that our point-to-point T1's can talk to each other.
  2. All SonicWall's are designed to drop ICMP packets. This is done for security.
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